This series will focus on building a theme in WordPress (WP).  It is based on notes taken while building this websites theme from scratch. While requirements for building themes differ across the various Web Content Management Systems (CMS), many of the principles outlined here are used by other popular content management systems also.

WP comes with a few starter themes, and there are thousands of themes available for download on When your needs extend beyond what any pre-existing themes or plugins provide, you’ll need to either customize an existing theme, or build a new theme from scratch.

Building a theme from scratch has many advantages:

  • It enables “lean and mean” web development by letting you be selective about what is added.
  • It helps to improve your understanding of how the CMS works.
  • And promotes unique branding and design flexibility.

If you decide to take the plunge and build your own WP theme, there are many excellent getting started aids available. This section will try to sift these down to some basic requirements. Before doing anything in WP, it helps to first go through the standard requirements for building any website. Also, you may want to check out these quick step pages.

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