Flatiron School is a developer bootcamp that was provided courtesy of Amazon’s Career Choice Program that focuses on front end web development tools such as Javascript, React and SQL.

Below is a video demo for a project built in JavaScript using api calls to populate an online trivia game with questions provided by OpenTDB.com/. The project requirements are also listed below. A live version of the app can be viewed at https://5-5s.com/flashcards/. The repo for the app can be found here.

Because the requirements did not include persisting changes to a database, refreshing the browser mid-game will start a new game with new questions. A future version of this app may try to address this and possibly add a form to allow users to create their own questions. Until a need arises for another version, this will suffice. Hope you enjoy the game.



Project Requirements

• Single Page App (SPA) (single HTML file)
• HTML/CSS/JS frontend accesses data from a public API or db.json/json-server.
• returning a collection of at least 5 objects, each w/ at least 3 attributes.
• Interactions should be asynchronous (fetch) using JSON format.
• Min. 2 event listener types (click, load, change, etc) w/ callback function
• Min. 1 array iteration (map, forEach, filter, etc)
• Github repo w/ readme.md min 30 commits