References from the Google DA course for Tableau included:

The data visualization catalogue:
Not sure where to start with data visualization? This catalogue features a range of different diagrams, charts, and graphs to help you find the best fit for your project. Navigate to a category to see:

  • A detailed description of each visualization
  • The visualization function
  • A list of similar visualizations

The 25 best data visualizations:
In this collection of images, explore the best examples of data that gets made into a stunning visual. Simply click on the link below each image to get

  • An in-depth view of each project
  • Insight on why the visual appeal of the data is important

10 data visualization blogs:
Each link will lead you to a blog that is a fountain of information on everything from data storytelling to graphic data. Get your next great idea or just browse through some visual inspiration.

Information is beautiful:
Founded by David McCandless, this gallery is dedicated to helping you make clearer, more informed visual decisions based on facts and data. These projects are made by students, designers, and even data analysts to help you gain insight into how they have taken their own data and turned it into visual storytelling.

Data studio gallery:
Information is vital, but information presented in a digestible way is even more useful. Browse through this interactive gallery and find examples of different types of data communicated visually. You can even use the data studio tool to create your own data-driven visual.

Financial Times Visual Vocabulary (pdf)