The first of six phases described in the Google Data Analytics process is called ASK. It refers the types of questions necessary for a proper research analysis process. Google recommends the following in their Data Analytics certification:

  • Define the problem we’re solving and make sure we fully understand stakeholder expectations
  • Structured thinking is the process of
    • Recognizing the current problem or situation
    • Organizing available information
    • Revealing gaps and opportunities
    • Identifying the options
    • Understand there may be more problems to address than those identified by stakeholders

Good Q’s

  • Is the data showing me something superficially?
  • Is there a conflict somewhere that needs to be resolved?

Bad Q’s

  • Leading Q: These are the best sandwiches ever, aren’t they?
  • Closed-ended Q: Did you enjoy growing up in Malaysia?
  • Vague Q: Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? (um… cake? ice cream? what?)