Google is king when it comes to search engine optimization and everything search related, which can be seen from their excellent Getting Started information page. (Honorable mention to as I like what they stand for.) The quick key takeaways for SEO are:

Set a few hours aside to establish yourself with Google Analytics. If you have a Gmail account, you are already ahead of the game. After signing into Google, go to the checkerboard menu at the top right > scroll down to More > scroll down again to Even More From Google, this will take you to a large Google Products page (pretty impressive and a little overwhelming). Scroll to almost the bottom to see the Analytics area. Click Get Started > Sign up. Then start looking around. There is a lot to see.

Eventually, you will get to the Admin area (lower left col) which will let you create “properties”. The tracking section under properties is where you get the all important snippet of code to add to your site.

I’ll be following up with more specific recommendations in some later posts but wanted to get the ball rolling with this SEO page.